Stefan J. Wijnholds, A. Ger de Bruyn, Jaap D. Bregman, Jan Geralt bij de Vaate, "Hemispheric Imaging of Galactic Neutral Hydrogen with a Phased Array Antenna System", Experimental Astronomy, V17, 2004

abstract: The thousand element array (THEA) system is a phased array system consisting of 1 m2 tiles having 64 Vivaldi elements each arranged on a regular 8-by-8 grid, which has been developed as a demonstrator of technology and applicability for SKA. In this paper we present imaging results of galactic neutral hydrogen with THEA. Measurements have been taken using a dense 2-by-2 array of four tiles as a four tile adder. The results are compared with results from the Leiden-Dwingeloo Survey, showing qualitative agreement, but also indicating that further studies are needed on the instrumental characteristics.

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