P. Benthem, G.W. Kant, S.J. Wijnholds, M.J. Arts, M. Ruiter and E. van der Wal, "Aperture Array Development for Future Large Radio Telescopes". 5th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), Rome (Italy), 11-15 April 2011

abstract: We present the design of a phased array system for future radio telescopes. This includes a system overview and recent results of the designed and implemented system, the Electronic Multi-Beam Radio Astronomy Concept (EMBRACE). Furthermore, simulations with a full wave EM antenna simulator, combined with measurements on actual hardware, will provide information for the next design step, the Aperture Array Verification System (AAVS). With AAVS, we will prove design readiness of this novel array technology.

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