Stefan J. Wijnholds, Wim van Cappellen and Marianna V. Ivashina, "Performance Assessment of Bi-scalar Beamformers in Practical Phased Array Feed Systems". General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI GASS), Istanbul (Turkey), 13-20 August 2011

abstract: We assess the sensitivity and polarimetric performance of a polarimetric phased array feed (PAF) system in which the two sets of nominally orthogonally polarized elements are beamformed separately. Out simulations of an actual PAF system indicate that such bi-scalar instead of full-polarimetric beamforming results in about 4% sensitivity loss and an XPD of about 45 dB. Our measurements confirm the sensitivity loss, but indicate worse polarimetric performance than the simulations. We indicate how the performance of a PAF system with bi-scalar beamforming can be improved by beamforming of the cross-polarization signals and polarimetric corrections to the beamformer outputs.

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