Dijkema, Tammo Jan et al., "Developments on the LOFAR and SKA calibration and imaging software," Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XXXII, hosted online by the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre, 31 October - 4 November 2022.

We present recent developments on calibration and imaging software used in particular for LOFAR. SKA’s Team Schaap develops this software. One of the goals is integrating it into the SKA Science Data Processor. The software stack consists of the top-level packages WSClean for imaging and DP3 for calibration and flagging. We have made the software more modular, so that relevant parts of the software can also be used by other packages. Recent improvements in WSClean include a faceting option, which has enabled creating a 10 Gigapixel image. Image domain gridding (IDG) allows applying screen-based corrections. In the pipeline and calibration software DP3, we have implemented support for baseline-dependent averaging (BDA), which can reduce data volumes by an order of magnitude while retaining the image quality. The underlying beam library, EveryBeam, was made generic enough to support any beam model which is expressed in spherical harmonics. This allows also to use recent LOFAR beam simulations as well as SKA models. EveryBeam also allows passing arbitrary A-terms for imaging direction-dependent effects other than beam models.

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