P. Noorishad, S.J. Wijnholds, A. van Ardenne and Thijs van der Hulst, "Applicability of Redundancy Calibration on Dense Phased Arrays", in: S.A. Torchinsky et al., "Wide Field Astronomy & Technology for the Square Kilometre Array - SKADS conference 2009", pp215-220, Limelette (Belgium), 4-6 November 2009

abstract: We aim to have an efficient and computationally cheap calibration method for dense phased arrays or any array which has enough redundant baselines. The most recently developed calibration method, multisource calibration requires a sky model. This requires computational capacity of the array's processor, especially when an extended structure such as the galactic plane is present. This is especially the case because of the very short baselines. Redundancy calibration is independent of a sky model. This is the main reason why we study this method, in particular because dense phased arrays have many redundant baselines. In this paper, we present initial results of redundancy calibration on dense phased arrays. The results are sufficiently promising to keep us motivated to continue to pursue this method in more detail.

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