A.O.H. Olofsson et al., "Profiling the EMBRACE tile beam using GPS satellite carriers", in: S.A. Torchinsky et al., "Wide Field Astronomy & Technology for the Square Kilometre Array - SKADS conference 2009", pp253-258, Limelette (Belgium), 4-6 November 2009

abstract: The L2C carriers of multiple GPS satellites have been used to trace out a nearly complete beam pattern out to 45 degrees away from the main lobe centre for a horizontally mounted single EMBRACE tile. The beam was formed along its bore-sight direction, i.e., staring at the local sky zenith. The result is very close to design specifications although there is evidence for at least one side lobe rising above the achieved noise level. We have also used the older L2 carrier to estimate the system temperature, although an exact figure in addition requires knowledge of the aperture efficiency.

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